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Some like it jot

In an effort to dethrone whatever the most boring blog there currently is, I henceforth proclaim this piece of shit open! I have no legitimate intent to have people read this. Writing my thoughts on politics, gaming, popular culture and just nerdy commentary in general on a word document does nothing to stroke my already overly engorged ego. I’m entirely new to this so allow myself to introduce … myself. I’m a prospective undergraduate history student, a lover of film, television and gaming as well as an overly opinionated twat; though I continuously endeavour to remain as open minded and self aware as I can be, as I have few doubts that I’m wrong about more than a few things. This feels so forced and formal. I hope this gets easier as I become more acclimatised to this format of communication. Perhaps I’ll do better at this if I simply record my inner monologue, though this may be less engaging for anyone who chooses to actually read this. I suppose we’ll see. (Also, I’m kinda proud of how terrible the title pun is considering it makes no grammatical sense)

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Posted by on December 24, 2014 in Me