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Agnostics/bisexuals are not just fence sitters

Agnostics/bisexuals are not just fence sitters

Wow, I never thought I’d be writing about religion on here. Mad times. But yes, this is in response to the popular sentiment I have heard aimed at agnostics and similarly bisexual people in parts of the homosexual community. Many accuse such people as being fence sitters. I’ve known people to share this sentiment close to me but this is not aimed at you, this is aimed at the people who have a legitimate problem with it.

Now let me clarify, I appreciate by the definition of the term ‘fence sitter’ you are someone who is between both sides. However the phrase comes with a negative connotation. An implied hostility. The idea that you sit precariously on the fence waiting to fall either side onto one of the the ‘real’ choices. The idea that you are apathetic, or lazy or lack the conviction to ‘pick a side’. This is an assertion I whole heartedly disagree with and challenge as it implies that being agnostic or bisexual is not a real choice and that people are inevitably due to fall on one side or the other.

Let’s start with the agnostic one. If religion were a court case, it’d be thrown out for being entirely based on eyewitness testimony and books written by people that may not have even existed at all. However you cannot possibly disprove the many many people who believe that they have had an encounter with the divine in some way shape or form. There is no comprehensive proof either way. Faith in a higher power, something held closely in the hearts of billions of people across the globe, how can I possibly prove that all of those people are holding onto some fairy tale? I can’t.

Being an agnostic to some would seem like a lazy illegitimate choice, but I assure you it isn’t, at least in my case. And I believe in a fair few cases on top of mine. You see I know for a fact that there are people who will grow up religious and spend their whole lives never questioning their beliefs or the legitimacy of a such a pivotal part of their mind that will play an important role in many of their decisions and opinions. Equally are brought up in an atheistic home and brought up to denounce religion and look no further than “I can’t see a God, so he’s definitely not real”. This is not an attack on those who are theists or atheists. This is an attack on ignorance and never scrutinising and analysing your own belief system or lack there of. Other people are on the other side of debate. Why not be open minded and see why that is? If you’re confident in your beliefs or lack there of, you should have no issue at looking at the other side.

Being open minded means you always acknowledge that you may be wrong. And so you seek out both sides of the argument to such an extent you feel you can make an informed decision that feels right to you.

Now for the bisexual one. This first came to my attention when my bisexual brother had gone to a gay bar of some description and told me about a minority of people there who were dismissive of the idea of bisexuality because they’re ‘just being greedy’ or ‘still in a phase’. There is also a misconception that someone who is bisexual is very promiscuous, which isn’t necessarily true, it depends on that individual person. Promiscuity is not a trait exclusive to one sexual orientation and you’re an idiot if you think there are no straight people who have lots of sex with lots of partners (not that I even think that’s a bad thing). My curiosity was piqued and I found that this is something that legitimately exists, at least from a loud minority.

Drawn from a point of sense of pomposity, many of these people believe that this is merely a transitional that happens to many ‘confused’ members of the gay community who later find themselves to be only interested in their own gender. This leads to an outright deprivation of recognition of the sexual orientation of bisexual from some and is a straight up shitty thing to do. Being members of the gay community, surely you would know better than most how it feels for people to tell you that you do not truly think what you think and that these other people purport to have a stronger jurisdiction over your mind than you do? Again, a bit of a harsh thing to do. And again, it’s drawn from a level of ignorance to someone else’s perspective.

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