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The new Halo 5 Guardians trailers are good news!

The new Halo 5 Guardians trailers are good news!

Tell you what, as a Halo fan of many years who owns all of the games to date, I think those trailers look really interesting. The fact that the Master Chief as an unstoppable warrior was conceived by unethical means and could potentially be a total maniac when to him the ends justify the means, that’s an interesting area. Having Spartan Locke as a representative of the shady ONI guy who might not exactly be looking out for the interests of the people. That’s an interesting area too.Blurring the lines into a position where it’s hard to tell who’s right and who’s wrong and playing a questionable character has always been fascinating to me and to be honest, I really appreciate the Halo franchise going in a new direction.

When I first heard about Spartan Locke, I expected him to take a similar position to the Arbiter in Halo 3. A guy with a back story and context for being there, but ultimately becomes an AI/playable co op position for the campaign. That would have been quite sad. That MAY still happen. But it looks like that may not be the case and they may do something interesting with the arc 343 are creating and as someone who didn’t much care for Halo 4, that’ll be nice.

But yes. Blur the lines. The Chief used to have it all easy as to knowing who was bad and who was good etc. Now he’s outdated, he’s been in cryo sleep and missed a lot. Make him an anti hero. The potential has always been there. Also, do something interesting with the Arbiter in this one, as well as tell us more about what has happened to the Covenant. Halo 4 answered none of the questions we had before and only gave us new ones that I had no interest in.

Okay, this was a total ramble. My apologies. Enjoy the rest of your day, patient reader.

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Did the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta get it right?

Did the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta get it right?

So the Halo 5 multiplayer beta has just ended and with it has gone my enthusiasm for gaming on the Xbox One again. I was well into that shit.

Now here’s the thing, I wasn’t at first. My first few games I actually felt really hostile toward it. Halo 5 seemed too fast paced, deaths seemed to quick and most importantly to my self centred gaming mentality, I wasn’t winning. But I went back to it again and again and really began to find myself straight up enjoying and even loving this Halo 5 experience (keeping in mind this was just a beta, 343 could still mess it up somehow). The pace became enjoyable and it all kinda became pretty rad. My only gripes being that the sword felt way underpowered and at least in comparison to the battle rifle, which I found myself using virtually constantly and also I appreciate there were some kind of Spartan suit attacks which I found difficult to find the right circumstance to actually use as melee combat takes a back seat here. I must say I had no issue with the inclusion of iron sights, I don’t think it’ll win or lose many points with anyone.

And also to point out, I played Halo 4 Spartan Ops on the Master Chief Collection after I’d started to enjoy Halo 5 and found myself really liking that this time around. I fell into the camp of people that felt Halo 4 was a bit of a flop previously since my Halo experience is usually defined by the campaign and Halo 4 fell down in more than a few ways, campaign included. I felt bothered by the apparent atmosphere of giving concessions to the FPS giant Call of Duty to appeal to it’s player base. It was also really lame with the weapon de-spawning thing too. But I digress. That’s a topic for another time no doubt.

The Halo 5 multiplayer beta raised my hopes for Halo 5 from being virtually non existent to actually present. I’d lost a lot of faith in the franchise from Halo 4 and appeal to any and all Halo fans reading this that felt disillusioned at the same time I did (all 1 of you), keep an eye on Halo 5 because it might turn out to be pretty swish and while most of you probably jumped ship to PS4 and PC which I do  not even slightly blame you for, just keep an eye on it and maybe choose to live vicariously through some Let’s Plays that come out when it gets released. Your choice, just keep an open mind. Open mindedness is top.

P.S: What’s going on with that whole ‘Blue Bros’ and ‘Red Bros’ deal where all the Spartans are like super masculine and all high fiving and stuff at the end of matches? Just a tad strange is all.

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