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Don’t underestimate Katie Hopkins

Don’t underestimate Katie Hopkins

What wins elections? An educated electorate that meticulously seek out every mainstream party’s policies and promises and cast a well informed vote on that basis? No, I’m afraid not. That’s a dream for another day. No, you see, people who aren’t me or someone so into Politics they’re reading this obscure blog, don’t actually care about politics that much and get there summary of events through word of mouth and the media, as well as the opinions of pundits and powerful people like Katie Hopkins.

When Katie Hopkins say she’ll leave the country if Ed Miliband wins the election, that legitimately wins and loses votes. I’ve known people to cast a vote based on the candidate in a political debate the smiled the most. Another votes Conservative because “David Cameron had the hottest wife”. A polarising and interesting character like Katie Hopkins will lift the ears of all sorts and influence more people than you might think. And in an election as close as this, that might win a seat or two and that’s a big deal. But then again, this election is set to be the most unpredictable one in living memory, and a lot could happen. People might actually give a fuck. That’d be cool.

But let’s be fair, if the Sun print the day before the election “Miliband eats baby kittens”, the impact that will have on the election would be bigger than any threat Katie Hopkins could ever make and this is Hopkins thing could be reasonably small. Let us never forget the day after Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide victory the Sun reported “IT’S THE SUN WOT WON IT”. Whether or not the Sun reflected increasingly public support for Tony Blair’s campaign or actually precipitated it is a matter for another day. But let’s none of us forget, there’s still time for several debates and time for slip ups in the “She’s a bigoted woman” department. Either way, fun times in Politics, am I right?

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